Mining Gridcoin solo

All the information about Gridcoin you need

Alright, before we get to the actual guide, I will list the requirements along with some pros and cons of solo mining/crunching.

(Guide coming soon!)
(If you got one you would like to share for common good and get credited for it, contact me!)

– Access to all BOINC projects and to advanced project configuration, you get to crunch/mine sub-projects inside projects
– No fee for belonging to a pool
– Whenever there are in-wallet votes, you are allowed to vote and express your opinion.
– You require about 2000 GRC to profit from solo mining
– You need to keep your wallet online and running most of the time, keeping it up 24/7 is preferred

– Gridcoin Wallet
– Minimum amount of 2000 GRC
– BOINC Client